sabato 2 agosto 2014

Damn French, they ruined France

... but they did not ruin another great GUADEC!

As I promised at the beginning, I would do another blog post at the end, and this is it.
The first days were hectic as usual, with lots of great presentations, lighting talks and team reports for what others have been doing for the last past years. Many people already blogged on this topic, and video recordings will be out soon, so I would not go further on this.
As a special exception, though, go check out Christian Hergert's talk on GNOME Builder: he is awesome for quitting his job and deciding to investing so much of his own time and money into making our lives easier with better development tools.

Following the core days, came the BOFs. I attended the Release Team meeting, where a lot of process clean ups were approved, hopefully making the requirements for being "part of GNOME" (at the various levels) clearer and more transparent.
I also went to the GTK+ meeting, but lack of sleep from the previous days together with awesome Belgian beer that turns out to be French beer (also from the days before) turned me into a zombie background figure. Stay tuned for GTK+ 3.16 though, that's where all the fun (actors^H layers, a better list model, full wayland support, and more) will be!
Finally it's probably a good thing I did not attend the Privacy BOF, because it would have been quite embarrassing considering how poor is the privacy story with GNOME Weather is: through the search provider, we would send the stored locations to the upstream services (often in clear text, and often including the current location) every time a search was performed in the overview. This is obviously unacceptable, unless the user opts in, so the search provider will be disabled by default (when #734048 lands).

Speaking of GNOME Weather, if you follow the Summer of Code projects you may know that there is an intern working on a complete redesign on the app. He personally wasn't at GUADEC unfortunately, but I had some time to sit down with the ever awesome Allan Day to work out all the details.
The code is not in master (it will be when I run the final tests and reviews, but it's almost ready, and will surely be in 3.13.90), but I can show you a preview:

(you can see we've come a long way since the original announcement!)

This is all for now. I'd like to thank the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring me, and see you next year!

PS: the title is just a reference of a famous quote by Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons, and it's not meant to be in any way unfriendly to our transalpine neighbors

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