domenica 27 luglio 2014

There's no Guadec like this Guadec

...And that is true every year!

This is a very short post, because Guadec has barely started (the first of the core days was yesterday), but already we had the chance to go out and party togheter - which is Guadec is about, right?
More seriously, I'm really happy I had the chance to see all GNOME friends again, after last year in Brno, and I'd like to thank once again the Foundation for sponsoring me, even though I haven't been very active in the recent past.

On the technical side, I'm taking advance of this first break to start reviewing Saurabh's patches that are implementing the wonderful new design for GNOME Weather. Looking at the Shell, I had a nice conversation with Jasper, and the outcome was that in the short term, there won't be user visible changes (except of course for Carlos's work in the app view) - no new features but stability and bug fixes.

Again, this is a short post because we just started, I will do another blog post at the end. Stay tuned!