lunedì 18 marzo 2013

Under the shell of the developer

So, it's 3.7.92 time! Release notes are almost out, and if everything goes according to the plan, we'll be releasing our next stable version on March 27th.

As a member of the shell team, the big news is another successful round of Every Detail Matters. Go and see for yourself the eco-friendliness of that page: almost every line is green.
Among the many bugs, I'd like to highlight one, that has probably bugged each of you since 3.0: OSDs and global keybindings (screenshots, volume, input source, brightness) work in the overview, the screen lock and when a modal dialog is up.
Many thanks to Florian Müllner for implementing it!
About the rest, suffice to say that we tried to fix all the small annoyances and inconsistencies in the shell. And the release notes already include a very nice screenshot of them, so I won't steal the surprise until we're out.

Then on, the features side, it deserves a mention that we have a new application view, with frequently used apps and custom folders. I like it!

Going back to what I did, I already blogged on the most noticeable feature I worked on this cycle, notification filtering. But the awesome GNOME folks started patching all applications in this universe, so the panel looks a lot better now:

Then, it was a slow February, all exams out, I started hacking on Gjs. The result is an application framework that I will propose for 3.8. You can see a demo (which doubles as a template) at
But I needed a real application to validate what I was writing, and so GNOME Weather was born - again. And people started saw there was activity, I got a bugzilla product, and bam, magically I had patches from everywhere. Now say, isn't free software the best?
But wait no more, here is Weather 3.7.92 in all its glory.

Once again, thanks to Paolo Borelli, Cosimo Cecchi and William Jon McCann for all the help and code, and thanks to all flickr artists that, by choosing a free license, contributed to the success of this app.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab GNOME 3.7.92!
Tarballs are at the usual location, and so are jhbuild and ostree. And I'm told the build server offers pre-built VM images, if you're into that.

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  1. Partly cloudy is probably more widely used than Broken clouds.

  2. One day could you blog about something that I've always wondered about - what are the various responsibilities of the

    - Shell
    - Window Manager
    - Display Manager
    - ????

    I'm sure if I had to I could come up with some basic concepts but I'd like to hear it from the experts and also how do these divisions of responsibility contribute to the overall experience.

  3. It would be great if new versions of GNOME had more customization options like choosing if you want to have the App Menu Button or use the 3.4-like tabs instead.

    1. Oh, I forgot: it has! We have a set of supported gnome-shell-extensions (called the "Classic Mode"), which include a window list, an application menu, a places menu and some behavior tweaks here and there.
      I'm releasing them right now, and they'll be available from their usual place at

  4. What's that application on the first screenshot in the dash?
    The X with the GNOME foot...

  5. Gnome Weather looks really beautiful. Well done! I can't wait to try it.

  6. Is there some keyboard shortcut how I can access the list of installed applications, and then switch to the All tab? Or is it just mouse only?

    1. Super+A opens the app view, in the mode it was used last. From there you can use standard keynav with tab or arrow keys.

    2. will super+letter shortcuts be usable?
      like super+w -browser
      super+t -terminal

    3. Yes, if you enable them in the control center.
      Or you can do super, type few letters of the app name, enter, to use the app search

  7. Ciao, Giovanni. Mi piacerebbe sentire la tua parere su questa estensione

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