martedì 14 agosto 2012

Soft pencils down

So we've come to this: the Google Summer of Code 2012 is almost over, and all projects are expected to be in the final refinement phase.
Personally, I think that software is never finished, especially when it comes to free software, but I'd say that the original plans for the summer where respected.
If you saw Matthias's post you probably know that the lock screen is included in 3.5.5, and thus is making into the unstable distribution.
There are still some minor issues, but I'm slowly addressing each one of them, and I'm sure the 3.6.0 release will not have you disappointed. As usual, if you want to follow the advancements closely, bugzilla is your friend.
And of course, we have features planned for 3.8 too, ranging from the PIN support (which was dropped as not ready) to the new Notifications panel.

In other words, GNOME 3.6 will rock, and so will 3.8, up to 3.12 - I mean, GNOME OS 4.0!

PS: speaking of GNOME OS, if you want to try GNOME Core 3.6, you can use OSTree, right now and without affecting your usual system.

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