mercoledì 25 luglio 2012

A Coruña UX Hackfest

This Is Just Cool.
I've never been to an hackfest before, but I must say it's amazing, finally meeting and getting to know the people behind GNOME personally. I mean, we did have our amount of tech discussion, some of it got quite heated, but in the end we reached a constructive conclusion on every point, which is not at all bad. Talking with designers face to face makes it very clear that yeah, they know what their doing!

The plan was to deal with file management and in the overview search (first day), and initial setup experience (second day, that is, today). We completely redesigned Nautilus toolbar and menus (again!) and we streamlined the Gtk file chooser, integrating content selection across the OS. Because what is clear, we want to build an OS, top-down, and we will get there, at some point.

Right now is blogging break (or gnome memes break really), so I'd like to take advantage of it to thank the companies the sponsored the event:

Also, I got a Red Hat sticker, that looks just so better than the Windows 7 logo next to it. I'm hoping to get one from Igalia too!

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